Call back in 25 seconds

A customer clicks on the widget and enters his phone number. LiveCall automatically calls your sales manager and the customer. It connects them in a single line. All this magic happens in less than 25 seconds!

Scheduled calls

If the customer does not have time to talk now, he can order a callback for later. He will choose the day and time that suits him best. LiveCall makes sure that you connect at the exact moment he wanted.​

Out of office mode

LiveCall widget works even when you are resting. Many customers visit your website after working hours and therefore do not decide to contact. We’ll automatically connect them with your sales managers when they get back to office.​

Free international calls

Your potential customers from all around the world have a possibility to talk to you for free. Instead of calling abroad and risking high phone bills, they just leave their number and receive a free callback.​

Call recording

How many times have you failed to write down an information a client told you? Or maybe you did not make the sale and wondered why? Recording calls will help you deal with those issues.​


We want you to know know exactly how effective is LiveCall and what sales it brings. Thanks to transparent analyzes and reports you will learn everything about the effectiveness of your sales team.​

And much more...


Integration with Facebook Lead Ads

Integration with CRMs (directly and via Zapier)

Integration with call centers

Integration with Google Analytics

Integration with contact forms (landing pages)

Rest & JS API

And much more

Filtering visitors & widget displaying 

Filtering visitors according to URLs

Filtering source traffic (Facebook, SEO, SEM, direct)

Filtering internetional traffic

Adjusting widget displaying time

Exit intent technology 

And much more

Sales productivity features

Company departments

Calling multiple agents

Custom caller IDs

User’s roles

Calls and recording history


Widget / pop-up color customizing

Widget / pop-up text customizing

Setting up working hours

Notifications & follow ups

SMS / email notifications (for agents)

Thank you SMS (for customers)

Customers number preview (for call centers)

SMS personalization

Other features

Blocking spam callers

Blocking specific numbers

Tagging calls

Planning holidays

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